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Woman Draws Beard On Her Face To Rob Bank

Illustration for article titled Woman Draws Beard On Her Face To Rob Bank

After years of men using women's pantyhose during robberies, a woman has finally turned to masculine accouterment to disguise her identity — though everyone saw right through it. Witnesses say a woman who was dressed as a man and had a "drawn on" beard walked into a branch of the Bank of Tuscaloosa in Alabama, told tellers she had a bomb, and made off with an undisclosed amount of money. Pro tip: Next time you're trying to pass off your crimes on a dude, invest in some spirit gum.


Image via Evgeny Kostishin/Shutterstock.

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Actually it's a perfectly decent plan. When you rob a bank, your disguise should distract the eye-witnesses, not fool them. For instance, there was a bank robber who would rob banks wearing a tuxedo. Then he'd leave the scene of the crime and change clothes. When eye witnesses had to describe the perp they'd say "he was wearing a tuxedo!" They couldn't remember any other details. The police would be looking for a guy wearing a tuxedo but had no other details to go on.

Same with this woman. She washes her face after she commits the crime and the police are on the look out for a woman with a "drawn on beard".