Woman Doesn't Buy Man's Story That Turbulence Knocked His Hand Into Her Lap, Gets Him Kicked Off Plane

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Image via Getty.

Everywhere is a bad place to be groped, yet an airplane, somehow, is even worse.


During a United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Charlotte on Tuesday, one 73-year-old man decided to use turbulence as the reason his hand “fell” between his seat mate’s legs, according to Charlotte’s WSOC-TV. Sources told the station that the victim, who is in her 30s, alerted flight staff that the man next to her groped her, resulting in them being separated. Once the plane was grounded, police boarded and escorted the scumbag off the plane. The case is now being investigated by the FBI.

The man, who is from Lithuania, later told authorities his hand tumbled onto her lap due to turbulence; a truly bold example of magical thinking. As one passenger put it: “I’m sure a woman knows the difference between a hand hitting her versus being groped.”

Still, there is a silver lining in this nightmare of a story, and it’s that the woman’s claims were taken seriously. From the sound of it, she acted decisively, and steps were taken accordingly.



So I have an airplane groping story.

The day after thanksgiving a few years ago I missed my connecting flight and spent 13 hours at the Phoenix airport.

Anyways, I FINALLY get on the plane and I’m drunk and grumpy as fuck and this stupid fucking gross guy will NOT stop chatting me up. This is when I was younger and more shy so I just pretended to be asleep instead of telling him to shut the fuck up. This fool then proceeds to FULLY grope and proceeds to basically grab me by the pussy. I’m like dude what the fuck?! And his response is: oh I thought you were asleep. Like that’s a fucking excuse?!

I will give props to the dude on the other side of me who backed me up when I was telling off the guy and then stuck around with me at baggage claim to make sure he didn’t try any more shady shit.