Woman Divorced Husband After He Communicated Solely via Post-It Notes

While most couples (especially in Hollywood) file for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences," some others give far more interesting reasons for why their love failed.

Gary Slapper explored strange court room stories in his last book Weird Cases: Comic and Bizarre Cases from Courtrooms Around the World, in his new book More Weird Cases and he does so regularly in his column for the Times of London. This week's is devoted to particularly weird cases of divorce.


There's the man in China who recently filed for divorce because of Beijing's smog problem, which kept him and his wife in different cities and caused them to quarrel when they saw each other. "Smog 'buried' my son's health, and it has 'buried' my marriage," the man said.

Other cases that Slapper brings up: an Italian woman who divorced her husband because her mother-in-law was interfering in their marriage too much; a husband who didn't use the remote control the right way "and a woman whose "husband had not spoken to her for 15 years, communicating with her only by Post-it notes."


But did she serve him divorce papers on a post-it note? That's the question.

Image via HBO

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