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Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired

Illustration for article titled Woman Discovers Rape Room in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired

Welp. Here's another depressing story about a woman who tried to speak up against workplace sexist bullshit.

On Tuesday, Bleeding Cool shared the story of Jennifer Williams, a writer and comic book fan who took a job at Harrison's Comics in Salem, Massachusetts. On her Twitter, Williams said she grew up loving comics and had always dreamed of working in a comic book store like Harrison's. Too bad she picked the comic book store where employees taunted her about a "rape room" on site.


It took less than two days for her to be fired after complaining about an inappropriate rape joke at work. Big high five to all the detractors who tell women all they have to do is "report it" when someone harasses them at work. Through a series of tweets, Williams detailed more of what she experienced during the handful of days she worked at the store. Harrison's owner responded to Williams and her allegations:


I have no doubt that we don't know all of the specifics that went on between the store and Williams, but I think one pressing concern remains: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CALL A ROOM IN YOUR COMIC BOOK STORE A "RAPE ROOM?" Joking around to a new employee that a storage room in your business is called a goddamn "rape room" is some seriously fucked up shit. Good to know that all the industry-wide sexism people complain about in comics goes all the way down to the micro-levels of the business. What is up with an industry that is supposedly so welcoming to disenfranchised men yet can't seem to offer the same sanctuary for women?


Image via Harrison Comics Facebook.

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To everyone saying it is just a joke: That's the point.

If you don't understand yet that rape is not a joking matter then, and I mean this politely as possible, sod off. Go. Leave. Don't come back until you have expanded your views, mind and empathy.

Rape is NOT a joking matter. It is never 'just a joke'. Ever.