Woman Dancing On Treadmill Makes The Rest Of Us Look Lame

Wait, you can dance on a treadmill??? Why is this not a thing that is happening at gyms all of the time? Working out this way looks like so much more fun... Oh, right, this isn't a nationwide fitness craze because for most of us walking on a treadmill is difficult enough, and we'd fall to our death and then die again of shame if we tried to do the kinds of leaps and spins this magical woman pulls off.

Nevertheless, let this lady be your inspiration as you head to the gym to burn off some of the turkey/mashed potatoes/pumpkin pie/egg nog/endless beers at your high school reunion calories you consumed this weekend. Perhaps if we start small, like with little graceful baby steps and hip shakes, we can all achieve this level of treadmill domination someday.

[Via Reddit]

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This makes me feel really uncomfortable. I would NOT want to be secretly filmed at the gym.