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Some of us just can’t resist a promising pile of junk. Every now and then it pays off—for instance, in the case of a woman who found herself in possession of a Warhol estimated to be worth at least $60,000. A dick pic, no less!


The New York Post reports:

The Warhol screen print of a man’s genitalia was bought by accident after a clueless seller sold a couch through the site and threw in a box of junk that happened to contain the artwork. A New Jersey woman was the lucky buyer who decided to pick up the box while collecting the couch, all for $200, on the Lower East Side.


It’s now on sale at auction site Paddle 8. Fair warning if you click through—it’s a dick. An art dick, but a dick. The listing says: “This original silkscreen on canvas reveals the sensual forms of the male pelvis and hips in washes of pink, green, and aqua blue,” adding that it’s “a unique emblem from the Pop master’s oeuvre.”

I won’t stop buying junk and you can’t make me, so there.

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