Woman Bit By Scorpion on Alaska Airlines Flight Is Chill as Hell

A scorpion stung a woman on an Alaska Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Portland on Saturday as the plane was taxiing down the runway.

The plane was also carrying the Oregon State University men's basketball team; head coach Wayne Tinkle told ESPN: "The woman was a real champ. She acted like it was a mosquito bite. They got it off her but the needle was stuck."


It's been confirmed by Alaska Airlines that a flight attendant killed the scorpion, but at first reports were conflicting—according to CBS News, the victim herself "stomped the scorpion to death." That would have been cool. Either way, though, it seems she was extremely even-keeled about the whole thing, even declining further medical treatment back at the gate.

Passengers were told that the scorpion "hitched a ride" in the carry-on bag of a passenger who was coming from Mexico. And I will never fly again.

Image via Shutterstock

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