Woman Auctions Off Her Virginity, Isn't Arrested for Prostitution

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A woman is selling her virginity online and she’s nearly racked up $800,000 in offers. What has your vagina done today?

Posting site on the site "Musings of a Virgin Whore,” Elizabeth Raine, a fake name to protect her identity, says she’s a 28-year-old medical student that is “5-foot-10, 130 pounds with blond hair and green eyes,” according to the Daily News. She is offering a 12 hour date with the highest bidder ending in her deflowering and the auction for her services end tonight at 8 p.m.

"And no, I am not socially awkward or cold-hearted, I am not gay (although I do sometimes think this is unfortunate), and I do not even want to get married. I am just uniquely me!"


All of this secrecy around her identity means she is probably not a “5-foot-10, 130 pounds with blond hair and green eyes” or the woman in the photos above. But (!!!) she is willing to prove her virgin realness through a physical exam or a polygraph test.

This is all so ridiculous that I’m giggling because it is literally the definition of prostitution, selling your vagina for money. How are the PG County Police planning to live tweet a surprise raid of hookers and john's down in Maryland but this woman is literally free to barter her vagina online. Are the authorities waiting for the PayPal transaction to go through?


Ironically, she’s cool with selling her own viriginity but vehemently against young girls emulating her paper chase.

"It is my strongest belief that young girls have no business whatsoever selling virginity. Even just a few years ago I would not have been prepared for this experience myself. I believe my mature age, advanced education, and financial independence are critical reasons why my virginity auction is okay, not to mention why my virginity is so rare," she writes. "So, my advice to young girls: please girls, sit on the decision for a decade, or close to it."


OK, girl.

Raine says that she will give 35 percent of her vagina’s fee to a charity that educates women in developing countries and she reserves the right to say her bidder is unacceptable no matter how much money they’re giving her. Look, I'm all for voluntary sex work but this story is like a weed grower selling their wares online openly. Is the product theirs? Yes. Can they do what they want with their property? Yes. Is their property illegal and can they get arrested for selling? Yes. So again I ask, how is she not in handcuffs yet?


Image via Musings of a Virgin Whore.

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