Woman Attacked Uses #nomakeupselfie to Raise Money For Rape Victims

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A woman in England who was punched in a nightclub after being groped by a stranger is using "#nomakeupselfie" to raise money for rape victims.


Jeanne Marie Ryan, a student at Oxford University, was groped from behind at club on Saturday. She confronted the man and told him his actions were"completely unacceptable." He responded by punching her seven times, breaking her nose.

The next day, bruised and battered from the assault, Ryan decided to do something to speak out. Via the Mirror:

The following day, the brave 29-year-old took to Facebook to post her 'no make-up selfie' of her battered and bruised face. She aimed to join the growing trend of bare-faced selfies that have raised millions for charities.

So, she took to Facebook and posted the photo of her face after the injury, along with this message:

i am sorry cancer research, but my ‪#‎nomakeupselfie‬ is for a different cause: for telling a guy in a club who groped me that it is completely inappropriate to touch a woman without her consent, i was beaten. he told me to "Smile!", too. (www.stoptellingwomentosmile.com) no, we do not have to wear makeup no, we do not have to smile and, most importantly, no, we do NOT have to be touched. i'm trying to channel my rage into something constructive, so i'm raising money for the Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre (OSARCC). please text OXRC47 £3 to 70070 to donate £3 (or OXRC47 £1 for £1 or OXRC47 £10 for £10, etc.). if you're not in the UK (or don't want to text) please visit my justgiving page to donate here: http://www.justgiving.com/jeanne-marie. feel free to share this post, as well.thanks, friends. sometimes you just have to make the best out of a broken nose, right?

So far, she's raised more than £12,500 for the Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre, which is awesome.

Ryan told Cosmpolitan "I don't regret saying what I said," she said." I don't regret standing up for myself or anyone who's ever been groped like that."


"I think he had not been expecting someone to say anything to him," she said about the assault. "I fell over after the first three or four [punches] but got back up and I think it enraged him further that I hadn't been knocked out."

As for her attacker, police say they are still looking for the assailant.

Image via Facebook.



I do not understand how this psychopath could punch her 7 times (including her falling and getting back up again) with NO ONE else in the club intervening.