Woman Adds Festive Second Middle Finger To Christmas Light Display

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After prudish neighbors dismantled Sarah Childs' traditional middle finger Christmas light display, the woman responded by re-assembling the light display, but this time with two middle fingers. On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: zero fucks. Absolutely zero fucks.


It all started during a more innocent time: November 2012. Right around then, Childs, of Denham Springs, Louisiana, who believed that one of her neighbors had stolen her dog showed her dissatisfaction by erecting a Christmas lights display that featured an erect middle finger. Neighbors were offended by the twinkling obscene gesture and asked her to take it down. She complied, at first, but then one of the neighbors said another thing that Childs didn't like, so she reneged. The city got involved, the ACLU got involved, the city backed down, the middle finger remained up throughout the 2012 holiday season.

Childs revived the middle finger light tradition this year, again successfully offending her neighbors. And then, according to The Advocate,

Childs found the lights and extension cords in the home's front yard, cut into numerous pieces.

"They went on my roof, cut them all up, cut everything up," Childs said.

But Childs was back at it Tuesday afternoon, scaling the roof of the home to replace the finger — and add another one.

"They did the firing shot," she said. "It's on."

Childs said she mounted the display as a way to express her frustration and anger.

"Have they never been pissed off?" she said of her neighbors. "Have they never been screwed over?"


But instead of accepting defeat, Childs erected two middle fingers in the place of the cut up one.

This is why I don't fuck with Southern women, by the way. This. This right here.

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What a truly noble cause to champion.

I and many other people would find this offensive if it were in our neighborhood. It's amusing here because it's NIMBY. It's incredibly inconsiderate to everyone else in the neighborhood, is inappropriate for children (yes, I am making that value judgment. No, this does not mean I think they will be scarred for life and turn into heroin-using high school dropouts), and is really, really rude to the rest of neighbors who did not allegedly steal her dog. No, they shouldn't have taken it down, but I can't feel too much sympathy for her here.

Also, my not liking this doesn't make me "prudish." It's a salient irony that Jez just had an article of the overuse of the word slut-shaming but immediately framed this such that anyone who disagrees with it must be an evil stuffy prude sipping tea with a stiff upper lip and ruining all the fun.

I prefer martinis.