Woman Accuses Florida Mayor of Offering Neighborhood Speed Bumps in Exchange for Sex

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that a woman who resides in Lantana, Florida has accused her town’s mayor of offering to install new speed bumps in her neighborhood in exchange for sex.

In her complaint, filed on January 2 with the Florida Commission of Ethics, Catherine Padilla claims that she asked mayor David Stewart, who’s held his office since 2000 and is running unopposed in an election next month, to install the speed bumps as a safety measure.

Padilla alleges in her complaint that after a lunch date three years ago Stewart drove her to a motel and propositioned her. She told the Palm Beach Post on Tuesday that she turned Stewart down


Not long after, in August 2015, just ahead of a city council vote on whether to pay for additional speed bumps (a vote she’d been involved in organizing), Padilla alleges that Stewart called her to say it wasn’t too late to have sex with him to ensure her neighborhood was included in the measure. She turned him down again, and the measure was approved.

After the state commission notified Stewart of Padilla’s complaint, in accordance with protocol, he reportedly visited her at her home, but she didn’t let him in. Local police have apparently described the mayor’s visit a “suspicious incident.”

Stewart denied Padilla’s claims to the Post, saying, “These accusations are totally and completely false. I won’t dignify them by comments. I continue to focus on doing my best for the residents of our town and community.”

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It was just a miscommunication. She said “speed bumps” and he heard “speed humps”... he was merely confused. Can’t be held responsible. This is fake news. /s