The 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion show truly captured this moment in lingerie fashion: a fantasia of contrasting influences drawing on art, history, world cultures and, um, weightlifting. Truly a triumph of the form.

A bold mixture of femininity and menswear influences: completely of the moment.

A playful take on deconstructed America provided sly topical commentary.


References to op art and bold splashes of color made for arresting contrast.

Hard and soft, Eastern and Western: a master's thesis in a thong.


Denim was everywhere on the runways this year: this tongue-in-cheek exegesis was no exception.

A veritable manifesto for the future.


Americana wittily transposed with the moment's ladylike sensibility.

The collection's real triumph was its total wearability for the average woman.


One unifying concept was that of "love" — examined, reinterpreted, worshiped.


At other points, "nature" was clearly the designer's inspiration.

Traditionally aggressive shapes were softened, chastened and feminized in a symphony of conceptual and actual.


If the collection had to be summed up in one sentence, it would probably be model Lily Donaldson's words: "We've all got amazing bodies, obviously."

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