With Racist Article, Crap Evolutionary Psychologist Sets New Record For Awfulness

We've already dubbed Satoshi Kanazawa a "crap evolutionary psychologist." But somehow, he's found a way to be even crappier. His thoughts on why "black women are significantly less physically attractive than women of other races" have forced us to create a graphical representation of his awfulness.

Kanazawa's latest Psychology Today post (now removed, but available here) aims to prove that black women are ugly and also full of themselves: "It is very interesting to note that, even though black women are objectively less physically attractive than other women, black women (and men) subjectively consider themselves to be far more physically attractive than others." This is apparently not because they are stupid ("Nor can the race difference in intelligence [...] account for the race difference in physical attractiveness among women"), but probably because they are manly ("The race differences in the level of testosterone can therefore potentially explain why black women are less physically attractive than women of other races"). Also this is not racist, because there are graphs.


Since bar graphs make everything truer, we present a pictorial representation definitively showing that although Kanazawa was pretty much the worst before his post on black women, he is now even worster*.

*As measured by the Jezebel Worstness Index, developed by leading Worstologist Anna North of Jezebel University, Internet Campus. Margin of error = +/- a million.

Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? [Psychology Today, via Something Awful Forums]


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