Wish You All Could Be California Girls?

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Forbes is reporting that Beverly Hills High School wants to become a brand and sell BHH merch, like hats, bookbags and scarves. Sigh. If only they'd announced this a few decades ago.


I grew up in New York, but during a time in which, it seemed, California was the place to be. Flicks like Valley Girl, Earth Girls Are Easy, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop, Troop Beverly Hills, Less Than Zero and The Lost Boys* offered up images of palm trees, malls, beaches and surfer slang. The Chili Peppers ruled, David Lee Roth's "California Girls" was on the radio, and the halls of my junior high reeked of Giorgio Beverly Hills, the scent all the older girls wore, like, for sure. Then came Beverly Hills 90210.

Steven Fenton, who is on the school board of BHH, says the idea to sell Beverly Hills High as a brand dates back to the orginal TV show, which aired from 1990 until 2000. At the time, the the school district declined to capitalize on the publicity. But now that they're short on cash (and there's a new 90210 on the air). Cue the Beverly Hills High sunglasses, scarves and corduroy tote bags. Ken Raasch, chief executive of Creative Brands, says:"Ultimately, Beverly Hills High School represents an aspirational lifestyle for people. Sunny days and palm trees, wide lawns and boulevards: the comfortable life a lot of people are hoping to have some day."


Some day? My Californiphilia was basically a phase, but the pre-teen in me would kill or die for a Beverly Hills High messenger bag.

Beverly Hills High School, The Brand [Forbes]

*click each flick to see a trailer!

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My love for Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl knows no bounds.

Thank you for the reminder.