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Wise Words from Judge Judy: Don't Nest with Schlubs

The Honorable Judge Judith Sheindlin stepped down from her bench to appear on Ellen yesterday and share some insights on what often brings women into her daytime TV courtroom.


“Women make a terrible mistake because they usually are so desperate to nest, that they pick on schlubs and worthless pieces of trash that they pick up in a bar, and then turn around and give them the keys to their car, invite them to move in, give them a credit card, and they’re surprised one day when their car is gone, their credit card is maxed, and they’re alone,” Judge Judy revealed. “They seem to replicate that behavior again and again. And that frustrates me.”

If you’re not willing to avoid schlubs and worthless pieces of trash for you, at least avoid schlubs and worthless pieces of trash for Judge Judy!


“It especially frustrates me when women are taken advantage of,” she added. (And that’s why Ellen doesn’t date men.)

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In my opinion if you’re financially supporting someone that you’re dating (male or female) you’re doing it wrong. Financial support should happen only once it’s a partnership and only once bad times hit and only temporarily while you both weather the storm. If you’re handing your credit card over to someone for any other reason then you should take it back and run.