Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Casually Breastfeeds Her Daughter in Campaign Ad

Kelda Roys, a Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin, released a campaign video in which she simultaneously discusses the hazards of BPA while breastfeeding her baby, thereby accomplishing more in two minutes than I have in the last two years.


It’s surely a trick of clever editing, but Roys hardly misses a beat as she takes the squalling infant from her husband and adjusts her shirt. Next thing you know, her daughter is suckling away, and Roys, still engrossed in her anecdote about BPAs, gesticulates animatedly with one hand. She makes the whole thing look very easy.

If she wins, Roys will likely challenge vile incumbent Scott Walker, who is running for his third term after a failed bid to become president. Who would you rather choose: A human double chin whose passion project was forcing drug tests on SNAP recipients, or Roys, who spent four years in the Wisconsin State Assembly and is advocating for universal paid family and sick leave, a $15 minimum wage, expanded health care access, increased access to reproductive care and equal pay for women? Tough call.

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