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Winter Olympics Open Thread

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Greetings, Olympic fans, and welcome to our open thread. Tonight's events include the bobsled, speed skating, and skiing, so grab a cup of hot cocoa, wave whatever flag you wish, and get ready for some gold medal action.


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What do you all think of think of this?


Here's the photo:


I can't make up my mind because I do have a quarter of a mind to say it's no big deal and he shouldn't get his medal taken from him for silly behavior. Being queer, and gender queer as well, my friends and I take pix like this all the time.

HOWEVER-this is not someone who is gender queer, and I do not for one second support that archaic and dangerous "boys will be boys" attitude either...

HOWEVER-if this woman was having fun too (which I guess we can't really know)-how is it wrong?

I don't go in for that "he's a representative of american athletes" argument-other than the fact that a woman on her knees kissing (sucking?) his medal can be perceived as a disturbingly anti-woman image, and I would agree that we don't want anti-woman attitudes to be supported by prestigious athletic associations. ON THE OTHER HAND-it might not be anti-woman at all, because she can make her own choices...

Argh, can't decide-I'd love to hear what ya'all think.

Also apologies if this has already been brought up, I haven't had a chance to read the posts yet!