Illustration for article titled Winona Ryder Rebelled Against Her Rents By Being Normal

Then she got older and started dating rock star guys and shoplifting. Luckily, she seems to have regressed! Ryder's parents made her live on a hippie commune where people ran around naked. That would probably make us rebel, too.


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I realized recently that the way I "rebelled" against my hippyish folks was by being very, very, very, very responsible in my life. Going to college and finishing. Working hard at a career I could enjoy and be creative with. Choosing a life partner who was supportive and loving, instead of abusive or an alcoholic.

Mind you, I'm politically very liberal (more than my folks, actually) and socially conscious. I"m a vegetarian, and I believe that you need to be politically and socially active whether it directly benefits you or not. So, I still retain plenty of my upbringing. And I'm relieved that I rebelled in a way that ultimately led to better things.