Winner of The Biggest Loser Spent Entire Days on Her Treadmill

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Rachel Frederickson, winner of this season of NBC's The Biggest Loser, spent yesterday answering questions about her life post-reality TV. Many of those questions were about audience reaction to the finale, and concerns that she'd lost "too much weight" for the show.


Frederickson, a bubbly Minnesotan, was energetic and relentlessly positive during a press call yesterday, repeatedly expressing excitement over maintaining her weight. She also successfully dodged five separate questions about whether or not she had an eating disorder (which: Rude). But when asked how she lost a dramatic amount of weight during the months-long gap between leaving the Biggest Loser Ranch and the show's finale, she admitted that she followed the guidelines laid out by her "support system" at The Biggest Loser, which apparently recommended that she exercised basically nonstop.

Well when I'm walking, and I'm working on my treadmill, I work you know, kind of all day. So, I'm walking, or I'm standing. [...] And then, um, you know, I would take 3, 4 classes a day and have fun with all the people in the room. It was pretty cool. I'd be in Zumbas and I'd be in spin class.

And there you have it.


Yeah, she said she was eating 1600 calories per day—but with that much exercise, she was likely netting negative calories, which is super dangerous. Someone her size needs at probably 1100-1200 just to operate things like, you know, organs.

Anyway, mostly I think it is sad/darkly funny that it took something this dramatic for people to realize that this show has nothing to do with health. I hate we don't seem to care when contestants resort to dietary extremes when they are still overweight, but then freak out when a thinner contestant does it. NO one—even if they have weight to loose—should be working out 6+ hours a day on 1200 calories (which is what they do on the show).