Another weekend, another chance at free stuff—it's what makes the world go 'round! Make a grab for it with this week's Bounty Contest, which rewards your clever cleverness.

And before we get started, props to last week's winners, terifinn and Jelephante.

This week's contest:
Same deal: We're looking for the most clever and original caption — think in the style of New Yorker cartoons — for this thought-provoking image, which appeared in the October issue of Marie Claire.

Oh, to be a pigeon smashing into that windowpane.

What you win:
This week, you win the chance to smell even more scrumptious than you already do, with heavenly treats from Savor. Two winners will each receive a tub of Savor's delightful Coffee Butter Sugar Scrub, a thick frappe that's rich in antioxidants, quickly absorbed and generally awesome, as well as a bottle of the Alfajores Body Mist — and if you've ever had an alfajore, you know this is wonderful (think gingerbread and chocolate and dulce de leche and orgasms).


You want to go there, do you not?

Submit your captions in the comments only. The deadline for contest entries is Monday, October 25 at 12 pm ET. (NB: This is not a LOLVogue contest; maybe we'll take that approach another time). On that evening (10/25), a Jezebel editor will pick two winners(!) from the comments on this post at her's sole discretion based on wittiness and originality. We will notify the two winners by email on Tuesday, October 26 by 12pm ET.


All standard Gawker contest rules apply.

Some additional requirements: You must have a valid email associated with your commenter account. You may submit an entry or request a winner's list via mail to Gawker Media, Attn: Weekly Jezebel Bounty Contest, 210 Elizabeth, 4th Floor, NY, NY, 10012. Approximate retail value for prizes is less than $200.