Will There Be More Sex in Outlander Season 3?

Photo via Starz.
Photo via Starz.

We can probably agree that Season 2 of Outlander was a little light on the sex. How’s it looking for Season 3? Well, better. Hopefully.

Vanity Fair checked in with Caitriona Balfe for a brief Q&A and yes, she knows that fans missed the sex. Hell, she and Sam Heughan were missing the sex. Excuse me, the “intimacy.”

I definitely heard that they missed a lot of the intimacy between Jamie and Claire, which I think we were sort of expecting. I think even Sam and I sort of missed—especially in the beginning because it was so heavy on the politics—I think we were all missing those more intimate moments. They have so many of their iconic fan moments that they really are looking forward to, so you definitely always hear whenever some of those are not there. I’m trying to think of specifics for you, but the one that I just kept hearing, from what I saw on my Twitter: “Where’s the sex?”


After a brief detour into how she thought about Claire’s character post Jamie— “That kind of sexual, romantic side of herself has been shelved almost for 20 years”—the interview circles back to the topic of the sex:

If Claire is putting the sexual, romantic part of herself away for much of Season 3, does that mean you’re going to get a lot more angry tweets from the “where’s the sex?” people?

No! There will be some other sex going on. I think to really let the reunion and everything that’s going to happen once Jamie and Claire see each other, I think it’s really special. Maybe they’ll have to wait a little bit, but I don’t think it’s going to be as scarce as last season, shall we say?

Promises, promises!

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