Will The Credit Crunch Mean Fewer Black Models?

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Even though we just counted models of color on the runways (as we did last year), and found that numbers are increasing, a London model agent says the recession loves blue eyes and blonde hair.


The founder of Premier Model Management, aptly named Carole White, tells the Telegraph:

"In a time of recession, people want to play it safe with blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls.

It's very much the case at the moment that everyone plays it safe and I think it will get worse in the recession. People don't step out of line."


Hear that? Hiring models of color is stepping out of line. Breaking the "rules." And if you do it? You're fucking with your money. Of course, fashion is a business. And fashion is about exclusivity. But in this day and age, can companies really afford to exclude a certain percentage of the population? Or appear to do so?

Luckily, the reporter also interviews someone from Storm models, who says:

"We're finding that clients are looking for girls who are a little bit different and interesting. Our black girls did brilliantly in London Fashion Week. People like Alek Wek, Jourdan Dunn and Lorraine Pascale were booked for lots of shows."

Black Models Suffer In Recession As People Opt For Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes [Telegraph]
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ok it pains me to be pedantic here (this is a lie) but strictly speaking Carol White's quote does not say 'using women of colour is stepping out of line' what she says is that people will hire more blue eyed blondes. Last time I checked not every white person was blue eyed or blonde.

I get the wider implication here and I understand why it has been argued as such but before everyone goes completely crazy it might be worth noting that Ms White is actually dismissing everyone who isn't a blue eyed blonde, not just women of colour. Suggesting otherwise is a little disingenous, unless you want to argue that blue eyed blonde is shorthand for white of course, which is a whole different story.

Ok pedantry corner over.