Will Someone Please Tell Kathy Griffin That We've All Moved On?

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Last summer, Kathy Griffin made headline after headline after headline after headline for posing with a fake decapitated head of President Donald Trump. She thought it was funny, but a lot of other people didn’t. She was threatened, she lost her New Year’s Eve gig, and she may or may not have lost her friend Anderson Cooper. But, because this is Trump’s America, the country quickly found something new to be outraged by, and Griffin’s career survived.

People quickly forgot about the faux beheading and moved on to other things, like the #MeToo movement, gun violence, the Mueller investigation, Trump’s alleged corruption scandal, Black Panther, the new Kacey Musgraves album—honestly, you name it, and we prioritized it over Kathy Griffin.

Why? Because she’s fine! She’s on a world tour! She sold out Carnegie Hall in one day! This rebound was always going to happen to Kathy Griffin because this is what Kathy Griffin has been doing for decades. By not shutting up about the whole thing, she Streisand Effect-ed her way into something resembling professional ruin, thereby creating a perfect narrative for a “comeback” tour, so to speak. Forgive the cynicism—it’s easy now that we’re a year beyond the initial outrage—but this was always going to happen.


But Griffin is still out there pushing the story that this is an unprecedented triumph. Writes the AP:

“I’m the same girl I’ve always been — just a hardworking, obnoxious, red-haired comedy girl. The whole time I’ve been consistent in just trying to make you laugh,” she told The Associated Press. “Am I shocking sometimes? For sure. Do I go too far? I hope so. That’s my job.”

The “Suddenly Susan” and “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” star lost income, received death threats, was denounced by Trump, landed on an Interpol criminal list and was afraid to leave her home. She said she was under investigation by the Department of Justice for two months.

“It shouldn’t happen to an American citizen,” she said. Griffin said she understands if people don’t like the photo, but it is protected speech. “If there’s one amendment I’m familiar with it’s the First Amendment. I know it back and forth and it’s how I make my living.”

Remember when she called a press conference and said, “This is America, you shouldn’t have to die for it”? (I still can’t believe she said that.) Yeah, well, she didn’t die for it. She’s fine. Everything went according to plan.




Per The Daily Mail:

The Royal bride-to-be dumped first husband Trevor Engleson by post, according to Andrew Morton’s biography - Meghan: A Hollywood Princess.

The couple had married only 18 months earlier in an exuberant ceremony at the Jamaican beach hotel once favoured by Marilyn Monroe and Errol Flynn.

She ended their marriage ‘totally out of the blue’, sending their rings in the mail after walking out with a £360 blender from their West Hollywood home and moving to Toronto.


Smells like someone cheated, but who’s to know!

[Daily Mail]

Try this headline on for size:

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The Nancy Reagan book looks like another stop on the scrubbing of national memory about how awful the Reagans were for so many people in the country and around the world. So Nancy danced with a lesbian writer at a large public event? I don’t give a shit. She facilitated and enabled one of the worst US presidents (yeah, I said it). So she was a loyal and loving spouse? Well, at least she got one thing right.

Why is it we feel compelled to glorify past presidents and their spouses even if they were truly awful leaders? As governor, the man allowed bullets to be fired over students’ heads at protests, and as president, he oversaw a massive upward wealth transfer that continues today. They ignored the AIDS epidemic for as long as they could because it was the ‘gay man’s disease’ and to support insurgencies in Central America, he traded arms to sanctioned countries like they were Skittles. Feel like the education system is failing? Thank Ronnie and his loyal wife, whose answer to the growing drug epidemic was ‘Just Say No.’

Enough with all this gushing over crappy ex-first ladies and their crappy husbands.

Give me Michelle Obama or Eleanor Roosevelt any day of the week.