Does Megxit Mean No Royal Stipend Or What?

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When the earth finally runs out of drinkable water and habitable space, we’ll have to subsist on the one resource we know for sure will remain abundant into the next millennium: Megxit news. It’s not so bad if you salt it!


It today’s late edition news, it seems Prince Charles is “livid” about Meghan and Harry’s decision to run away from royal life, which is maybe a slight improvement from “incandescent with rage”? And more importantly, is he livid enough to cut them off?! From Us Weekly:

Meghan and Harry currently get 95 percent of their income from the Prince of Wales— a reported royal stipend of $6.5 million—“so now it’s a question of whether Charles will decide to keep paying them or not,” says another source.

Either way, the couple aren’t looking back. “They’re not having any second thoughts,” says the insider. They already have a three-year plan: They’ll settle in Canada, keep a vacation home in L.A., continue with their charity endeavors and work on giving their 8-month-old son, Archie, a sibling.

I respect that the only part of that three-year plan that implies any actual effort is the part where they “continue with their charitable endeavors.” I’m not sure how Meghan’s protracted battle with her father will fit into this packed schedule, but it looks like she’s going to have to work it in, since it’s clearly not going away on its own. [Us Weekly]

Sorry but I still don’t understand how this relationship is happening.

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Really wish Jez would respect the Sussexes a little bit and drop the stupid nickname. I hate that so much. Meghan has been through enough already, as Jez used to point out. Yes she is a rich famous person but so are many women Jez crushes on (Cardi i.e). She seems to be a charitable and decent person who got caught up in a world none of us can even imagine...and Harry was imo primed to make a break, such has been his disgust with the constant media even prior to his marriage.