Will Brad and Angie Seek Refunds on the Matching Tattoos They Got to ‘Bind’ Them Together?

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While filming First They Killed My Father in Cambodia just over a year ago, Angelina Jolie called her famous “ex-Thai monk”/tattoo artist friend, Ajarn Noo Kanpai, in from Bangkok and asked him to tattoo both her and Brad Pitt in the same ink, with a “traditional, and painful, handheld method” meant to bind them together. It obviously didn’t work, as they announced their divorce seven months later.


Yahoo! Lifestyle Australia reports Angie got “three new mystical sak yant (sacred Buddhist) markings,” while Brad chose to have a “Buddhist symbol” inked onto his stomach. I’m sure Brad thinks his marking means something like “Peace,” and that it actually means something like, “He who is significantly better in supporting roles than leading ones.”

Here’s what Angie’s looks like:

I can’t post additional images here because they appear to be exclusive to Yahoo! Lifestyle Australia (and a few other outlets), but will refrain from any frustrated commentary and graciously let the good folks at Yahoo! Lifestyle Australia have this one.

Why else would an American go there?

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Colton Haynes accepted the proposal of a celebrity florist named Jeff Leatham with a little help from Cher, who sang “I Got You Babe” for them via satellite just before Leatham popped the question. Now that I’ve typed that sentence out, I’ll be vomiting rainbows for at least a week.

Love is so beautiful.


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Jezebel Deputy Editor Kate Dries texted this to me as I was watching it.


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Cherith Cutestory

I don’t think Harry looks like Hewitt that much. Except in how all English ginger men look similar, generally. He looks like a perfect mixture of Diana’s brother and Prince Charles.

He looks more like Charles the older he gets. He has his beak. I’d argue he resembles his father more than William does.