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Will Arnett Brought So Many Young Women to Set That Megan Fox Offered to Get Them Lunchables

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Megan Fox, the actress who’s spoken to by the unborn child whose father we’ve yet to confirm but who is probably her maybe-estranged husband Brian Austin Green, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and told a deeply funny story about her interactions with TMNT 2 costar Will Arnett.

During filming, Fox claims Arnett regularly brought his girlfriends to set, and that they looked...hungry. She told Kimmel:

“He was sort of dating a lot and every other week there was a new girlfriend and he would bring them to set. They were progressively getting younger and younger as the weeks went on, and it got to the point where I was like, ‘Buddy, I’m worried. Should I talk to craft service and make sure they have Lunchables for your girlfriend?’”


“There’s no food here with cartoon characters on it,” she continued.

I would like to hang out with Megan Fox.

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In a controversial interview published Thursday by New York magazine, 22-year-old Real O’Neals actor (and out gay man) Noah Galvin accused director Bryan Singer of “diddling” little boys. Then he took it back.


Though the question and answer were removed from the NYMag piece, The Hollywood Reporter managed to grab it before it was gone. After being asked about Singer by the interviewer, Galvin said:

“Yeah. Bryan Singer likes to invite little boys over to his pool and diddle them in the fucking dark of night. [Laughs.] I want nothing to do with that. I think there are enough boys in L.A. that are questionably homosexual who are willing to do things with the right person who can get them in the door. In New York there is a healthy gay community, and that doesn’t exist in L.A.”


Cut to a few hours later:



Did you remember Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have been together for 15 years?


[Us Weekly]

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