Wild Sex Is the Sexiest Animal Sex Web Series Around

Wild Sex, the new web series created by blogger and animal sexpert Dr. Carin Bondar, seems like a pretty good combination of everyone's two favorite topics — animals and strange sex stuff — at least according to Scientific American's Christie Wilcox, who gushes, "When it comes to salacity, this series has it all." "All," in this context, includes 15-meter-long penises, detachable penises, penile clitorises, golden showers, visual-aid dildos, prostitution symposiums, shirtless male models, and plenty of animals desperately humping each other. There's also a gratuitous shot of a rattlesnake's yawning cloaca, if you're into that sort of thing.


Maybe, however, you, like some of Bondar's more vocal critics, are a more sober-minded science person and don't appreciate a sensationalist-sounding web series with episode titles like "You Can't Rape an Elephant" diluting serious scientific investigation. How humorless of you. Bondar, who writes an animal sex blog for the HuffPo and received her Ph.D. in Freshwater Ecology from the University of British Columbia, understands that not everyone will appreciate her "biology with a twist," but most assuredly does not give even a courtesy fuck about the haters. She told Wilcox, "I will (and already have) received feedback along the lines of : oh she sold out to using her looks instead of her brain, oh she's desperate for attention, etc." She added unapologetically, "So yes, there is sex. And graphic language. And me being sexy. Take it or leave it, I stand behind my work 100%."

Wilcox also stands by Bondar's work — she gives the series a glowing review, and, if the trailer's any indication, it definitely looks like it's worth a few viewings, even if it doesn't quite measure up artistically to Isabella Rossellini's animal sex video primers.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Wild Sex excites me [Scientific American]



Looks super fun! Not sure what to hate about it, unless it ends up not being very educational.