I have very nice hair. Coveted hair sometimes! Hair that people make a “big deal” about. Once, when my hair was down my back, all black and very long, a woman stopped her car mid-traffic in downtown Washington, D.C. to ask me what products I used. I told her whatever my stylist uses because I’m too lazy to do my own very thick, very “I do what I want to do” frizzy hair.

Speaking of lazy...

The early days of the pandemic really brought out my inner sloth, as evident in the video above, where I lazily throw together my morning routine—which includes face-washing and spot correctors, but also, you know, cosplay wigs, because I couldn’t see my stylist in New York’s Flatiron District. (What an appropriate place to get a blowout.) Since I shot this pandemic beauty diary, I’ve cleaned up a little and pulled it together and started doing my own hair again, meaning all my wigs are presently chillin’ and not on my head. But this was a great, fun distraction in the early days, as I needed one, badly.


Watch as I try on my many colorful wigs and talk about beauty above.


Editor-in-Chief of The Root. Nerd. AKA "The Black Snob."



I was thinking “baseball cap.” It’s so hot down here that I can’t imagine a wig - although I guess if I had to go into the office, I’d consider one. You look cute in all of those!

I’m living in baseball caps, short t-shirt or linen dresses and sneakers. OR, thin cotton maxi dresses (Yesno brand from Amazon because they aren’t too long for my short body), sandals and baseball cap. Y’all, I may never wear pants with a zipper again. Why?

My go-to hats are a Tornado foosball hat (charmingly chewed at the brim by my dog..seriously, it looks deliberate and expensive), an avocado hat from Amazon, a Shrute’s Beets hat, a black nylon Reebok hat, and an off white Nike nylon hat.

Also, shout out to TomboyX cotton briefs. Just trying to stay alive out here.