Wife of Israeli Minister Apologizes After Calling Obama 'Black and Weak'

Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, an Israeli TV personality and the wife of Israeli interior minister Silvan Shalom, has apologized after tweeting a racist joke about President Obama on Sunday, four days after a gun-wielding racist killed nine black community leaders inside Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

“Do u know what Obama coffee is? Black and weak,” Mozes tweeted, quickly deleting after the furious responses began piling up. She had a good excuse, though!


As The Guardian points out, this isn’t Mozes’ first rodeo. Back in 2012, she stepped down from a position with UNICEF after referring to Gaza’s residents on Facebook as nothing more than “people whose children are fed hate towards Israel ... who have it in their DNA to hate us.”


Her husband, Silvan Shalom, is a member of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party—and is, like most of the people currently running the show in Israel, a total asshole. An outspoken critic of the formation of a Palestinian state, Shalom was recently appointed Israel’s chief negotiator in peace talks with the Palestinians.

In other words, things are going great.

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