Wife Guy Justin Bieber Sends Plastic Surgeon Cease-and-Desist for Video About Hailey Bieber: Report

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Noted wife guy Justin Bieber has taken his love for Hailey—who he loves very much, in case you were unaware—to new heights. After TikTok-verified plastic surgeon Dr. Barrett posted a video speculating about Hailey’s possible plastic surgery procedures, he claims he received a cease-and-desist from the lovebirds. The letter, which Dr. Barrett claims is from the couple’s attorneys, accuses him of “defaming” Hailey, as well as “using her likeness.”


What was that adage again, about not drawing attention to something you clearly don’t want people talking about? ET reports that in a statement obtained from Dr. Barrett, he said:

“I received a cease-and-desist letter from attorneys claiming to represent her and Justin Bieber demanding that I remove the post and issue an apology. They claimed that I was defaming her and using copyrighted lyrics and her likeness. I was definitely shocked as I was simply sharing my opinion on what I thought she may have had done. I felt like I was being bullied. I do not make money off of the TikTok account and the ‘cease and desist’ was overreaching.”

He later claims that the purpose of his TikTok is to “raise awareness” about plastic surgery, and “remove the stigma associated with it.” Noble pursuits, surely, but let’s not forget what TikTok traffics in: views. And clearly, scoop-y videos about possible plastic surgery procedures traffic well, as do accounts dedicated to “investigating” whether or not photographs of celebrities have been altered. Throw a rock in any direction on social media and you’ll hit one of these accounts! (CelebFace comes comes to mind immediately.) I’m sure Dr. Barrett has some semblance of “good intentions,” but obscuring the fact that people love to hyper-fixate on women’s appearances is nothing short of obtuse.

Now, as for Hailey Bieber—who really knows if she’s had plastic surgery! A passive denial is one thing, but an alleged cease-and-desist over a TikTok video might cast doubt on that. Don’t draw attention to what you don’t want talked about! (She’s denied having procedures before on Instagram as well.) If the cease-and-desist is real, everyone is probably going to believe this guy’s speculating.

Reps for the Biebers and Dr. Barrett did not immediately respond to Jezebel’s request for comment. This post will be updated if and when they do. [ET]


Kenya Moore is messy. NeNe Leakes is messy. After a season of Real Housewives of Atlanta spent on a collision course with each other, they’re now exploding in a messy supernova.


Us Weekly reports that in the wake of RHOA’s three-part zoom reunion, Moore claims that Leakes is dating APHIS VS National Veterinary Stockpile Director Rodney White. Eek! Her scandalous reveal tracks with previous reports that Leakes has been dating White, while still married to husband Gregg Leakes. (Who, by the way, is allegedly no stranger to extramarital affairs.) In a statement, Moore said:

“So many of us [housewives] knew that she was out with this man constantly being affectionate, and we knew what she was doing on the side. [...] For me it’s like if you’re so comfortable being out in public with someone and kissing them and being just inappropriate — you’re a married woman — so for me, there was nothing that she could tell me about a marriage, because your own behavior with your own husband is not something that I would want to emulate at any point in time during my marriage.”


Reps for Leakes, meanwhile, deny Moore’s claims, firing back: “It’s quite disturbing that especially during this time of so much pain that once again we have to deal with a disgruntled housewife trying to capitalize on NeNe’s name and personal life for the sake of publicity.” Likewise, they “wish her well” and “encourage” her to get her own marriage in order.

Complicating the denials, of course, are multiple sources who tell Us Weekly that Leakes’s relationship with White is well-known gossip and an “open secret” around the Atlanta social scene. What could possibly be the truth? Well, both Moore and Leakes clearly want this to play out next season when cameras are rolling again. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot Moore from these two in the lead-up. (Get it? Moore?) [Us Weekly]


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I think that lying about having procedures done is a very common and fucked up trend. Bella Hadid comes to mind - she vehemently denies ever having had plastic surgery/botox/fillers, yet she CLEARLY has. I think Hailey Beiber is in a similar (slightly less obvious) camp. It just seems really obvious that these people have had work done, and it’s not okay that they keep lying about it. Do whatever you want to your face/body, but be honest about it! Younger kids/teenagers are growing up thinking that this is what natural faces/bodies look like and wondering why they don’t look like this. I think there’s a bigger issue here than “fixating on women’s appearances” - it’s that women who are solely famous by way of having their appearances fixated on are lying about how they manage to appear that way, consequently setting up unrealistic and damaging beauty standards. I think it’s actually a good thing that these lies are being called out, and Hailey doth protest too much.