Wife-Beater Website Shut Down

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We tend to focus on the assholes and their Missdemeanors, but sometimes it's nice to give props. So thanks Patrick Greene for fighting the good fight. [Dallas Morning News]


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Little Green Frog

Have you all seen the comments on the article?

People are attacking him for doing that, and even offering to host the site somewhere else. Here is his response (I took out the email address):

I invite all of you people who disagree with me, to be married for 30 years to a woman who was married to two wife beaters, and who suffered from the battered woman syndrome. That was in the days when police and society looked at domestic violence as a private matter, not a criminal matter. Many women were killed because of societies stupidity.

Feminism and profound love and respect are what keeps my marriage alive for 30 years. I also do not drink anything alcoholic and I hate football and boxing because they are too violent. If anyone wishes to discuss this matter, please contact me at xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com

Macho men who find violence acceptable need psychiatrists. I am a proud feminist and athiest. The reason why Mr. Doolin's site was taken down is because he violated CBeyonds agreement, which he signed and accepted.