Women demonstrators march down 5th Ave., at 52nd street in New York City on Aug. 26, 1970. Photo via AP.

On March 8, women from all around the world will tell people who don’t respect them, how important they are to the world. This day is very important to women because women are super important to the world, and today wouldn’t be today without women. The world wouldn’t exist because women are the ones who produce human beings, and if more human beings weren’t being born, and then the world would end very quickly!

Also, sports like gymnastics and tennis wouldn’t be entertaining, if it wasn’t for women to make them better and more popular to do, no one would be doing those sports today. Additionally, your favorite female celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Ellen DeGeneres wouldn’t exist and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things that they do for a living today. If all of those celebrities were gone, we’d just be stuck with people like Donald Trump! He makes everyone cringe hardcore!


Women will also be trying to get an equal pay for work. Even if a woman and a man have the same exact job, the man will still get a higher pay because people think that for some reason, men are better at the job then women even though they still do the exact same thing. The goal of the women’s strike day, is to show how important women are to the world, and for women to work together to make the world hear how important they are to the people who would threaten to kill them, just because of their skin color, religion, gender or whatever else you can think of. My point is to say that women’s strike day is definitely one of the most important days in women’s history.

Greta is 11 years old. She wrote this yesterday. Her favorite animal is a fox.