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Why Not 'Occupy' Some Tasteful Separates?

Illustration for article titled Why Not Occupy Some Tasteful Separates?

Yeah, yeah, we know some people are in the streets right now protesting about their crippling debts, lost homes, and dreams broken by corporate greed. But what about our right to designer clothes? Luckily, one company is thinking about the real problems.


That would be DailyCandy, which sent out a promotional email today titled "Occupy These Clothes and Accessories." The text, in part:

We are the 99 percent who can't afford the labels we covet and refuse to settle for sample sales (well, mostly).

Today we stand up for our right to wear high-quality, budget-friendly pieces by shopping Everlane, the egalitarian, online-only wardrobe solution where everything costs less than a Benjamin.

Illustration for article titled Why Not Occupy Some Tasteful Separates?

I'm not sure if my right to a well-made t-shirt is up there with, say, food, shelter, and medical insurance, but Everlane does sound kind of "egalitarian" compared to a lot of the expensive shit out there. Except that when I tried to shop there, I was confronted with the disturbing image at left. Also, the site informed me that "the initial product runs are small so we're keeping membership capped" and that I would have to invite a bunch of friends if I wanted access. Boo, Everlane — this is not in the spirit of the revolution.

Everlane Fashion Launches [DailyCandy]

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You can occupy my balls cap-i-tan.

Oh wait. What are we co-opting again?