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Why Mosquitos Love to Torment Some of Us More Than Others

Illustration for article titled Why Mosquitos Love to Torment Some of Us More Than Others

Ever wondered why mosquitos seem to love biting some people, while completely ignoring others near them (I do, every damn day during the summer)? It's either the bacteria that builds up on your skin because your sweat has "incubated" for a day or two, or because genetics.


In other words, according to Alternet via Salon, having good hygiene won't help some of us:

Yet another component of human odor is genetic. Although some theorize that individuals mosquitoes find unattractive simply produce less in the way of attractants, an alternative theory asserts that they produce components that interfere with mosquitoes' ability to find their hosts. In fact, a 2008 study identified five such chemicals produced by humans found unattractive to mosquitoes.


So for those of us who are doomed to have that "sweet blood" that mosquitos love, we can coat ourselves in natural remedies like lemon eucalyptus to fight them off. This sounds much better than using 100% DEET bug spray and smelling like I doused myself in gasoline.

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Ginger Is A Construct

My great grandmother was right, it IS because I smell so sweet! I also think some of it is about how much we react to being bitten, as I have friends who are more "allergic" than others. I get welts that will last quite a while, while my SO clearly gets bitten and it doesn't bother him at all.

Also, can we all agree once and for all that the hippie stuff made of "lemon eucalyptus," Shalene Woodley's tears and good intentions is bullshit, and not worth a damn?

ETA: Real Talk: I have heard that setting up a box fan outside helps fight them off because they're little wings can't Marcel Marceau against the strong gusts.