Why Isn't Sarah Jessica Parker in the Manolo Blahnik Documentary?

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Christian Louboutin got his own documentary last year, so it’s only fitting that fellow shoe designer Manolo Blahnik would get one too. The film is titled Manolo (The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards), which references the whimsical story of Blahnik as a child growing up in the Canary Islands where he would make tiny shoes for lizards out of candy wrappers. Sounds like it could be a sequel to Amelie.


According to Variety, the doc will feature a buffet of fashion’s finest:

The film will feature notable figures in the fashion and entertainment worlds including Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, Paloma Picasso, Candace Bushnell, Charlotte Olympia, Iman, Jamie Preto, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, David Bailey, Isaac Mizrahi, Joan Burstein, Mary Beard, Colin McDowell, Penelope Tree, Prince of Lampedusa and Rupert Everett.

There is one name that is glaringly absent from that list. We’ve got Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, woman-of-the-hour Rihanna and even Rupert Everett, but where in the hell is Sarah Jessica Parker? Manolo Blahnik was basically Sex and the City’s fifth character (aside from New York City). I feel like SJP should actually step back into the role of Carrie Bradshaw and narrate the damn thing. Just kidding, maybe not.

The documentary will be directed by Michael Roberts, whose well-rounded résumé includes being the style editor-at-large for Vanity Fair, as well as the New Yorker’s first fashion director from 1997 to 2006 and the co-author of Grace Coddington’s memoir. “Having known Manolo for over 30 years, I can say he is a multifaceted intellectual and romantic whose engaging mind and ingenious work is made for entertaining cinema,” said Roberts.

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Okay, as someone who has never purchased shoes at a place fancier than Nordstrom rack (and that’s if I’m being my super fanciest) - enlighten me - are there shoes out there that are really worth the price of a Blahnik or Louboutin? Do they last a long time? Are they comfortable? Are they seriously that much prettier or more worthwhile than shoes that are hundreds of dollars cheaper? Explain to me how the other half lives and how painful or luxurious their walking around times are.