Why Is This Video Of Bradley Cooper Speaking French Kinda Turning Us On?

So what if we can't understand a single word he's saying? Words are irrelevant right now.

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I keep changing my mind about Bradley Cooper. I liked his character in 'Alias' and I'm one of the, like, five, people who thought 'Kitchen Confidential' was okay. But every now and then, I don't know, he gets this mean look in his eye, for just a second, and I get spooked.

Did you know that for a while there there were rumours that he would be cast as Eric in the reboot of 'The Crow'? Although in this at-first-blush horrifying concept's defence, it's allegedly going to be a reboot in the sense that it's going back to the original comic, which is quite different, in which Eric was just an average ordinary happy-go-lucky guy rather than an up-and-coming indie rock god who lived in an artsy inner-city loft apartment with a Giant Round Window of Symbolism.