Why Is Sarah Palin's $180,000 Wardrobe Sitting In Garbarge Bags?

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So you know how Sarah Palin spent so much on clothes that the RNC had to say, "Hey, it's okay, they're all going to be donated"? Yeah, apparently it hasn't happened.

Remember "Fashiongate" or whatever everyone was calling it? Good times. If so, you'll probably recall that when Palin was raked over the coals for spending (jointly withe the RNC) the price of a small house on duds during a global recession, her sheepish spokeswoman was moved to say, "It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign," and make clear that anything Palin didn't end up wearing would be returned.

Yet! Some sources, apparently lurking at RNC headquarters in D.C., have spied the bags of clothing sitting around collecting dust. RNC types will only say that the glad rags have been duly inventories and are "in the process" of being donated. While this hardly qualifies as a major scandal, if it turns out they're not making good on their promise it could prove embarrassing to the big spenders whose money helped finance the wardrobe, many of whom were already disposed to think of it as a rather frivolous allocation of resources. Guys: the SalvA does pickup!


Palin's "Donated" Clothes Stashed in Trash Bags at RNC [The New Majority]

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I've said all along if they wanted to give BIG money to charity they would make up a webpage called "www.buypalinshiz.com" and auction those badboys off.

If there are other people who are anything like many of the ones I went to highschool with (who all STILL seem to have "Palin" pieces of "Flair" and continue put things on their wall about how "great" Palin is "'cause she's a MOM" etc) they'd make a mint and do far more good then just throwing them into some Salvation Army store in a bag.

But they would then have to list it all etc. Probably don't want to go there and show how expensive it all was again...