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Why Is Joe Scarborough Making Jokes About The IMF Chief's Alleged Sexual Assault?

This morning on MSNBC, things got awkward when Mika Brzezinski attempted to report the story of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest and sexual assault charges. Joe Scarborough seemed intent on making light of the situation, and Brzezinski had to scold: "I'm trying to keep you from making jokes about a serious rape charge." Also, apparently none of these people are mature enough to respond appropriately when the word "sodomized" is used. They should be ashamed and embarrassed. Lean forward, indeed.

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I... I can't even... how did he go from sodomy to "George Washington prayed, so why do you all hate Jesus!" Is it like some kind of programmed response?

America? THIS MAN WAS A U.S. Congressman! Think before you vote because he sure as hell hasn't thought for even a moment in his life.