Why Heiress Bought Candy Spelling's Ridiculous Mansion: 'It's A Good Investment'

When we heard that Aaron Spelling's iconic Hollywood mansion was sold to an heiress named Petra Ecclestone, we scratched our American heads and said, "Who wha?" Today, she speaks.


The daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, Petra spoke to Good Morning America today about a number of things, including why she purchased Candyland: "It was a great investment, and I got a really good deal, and it's kind of like prime real estate." For now it will serve as her second home.

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I would be jealous but i just can't. I know that i would be scared to shit in a gigantic mansion like this. To many rooms i can't overview. I know those things have crazy security but i would still feel like the only guest in some sort of ghost luxury hotel.

I have been out with my bike today and saw some awesomely cute houses. Arround 400k (euro). Out of my reach but i think it would make me so much more happy then this house. Why can not one of this heiress suddenly come over and buy me one of those. I mean 500k (100k more to put nice kitchen and bathroom and awesome furniture in it) is not alot for this women and i would make a little belgian scientist entirely happy. By the way im jealous of the american market where a house cost next to nothing compared to here. Then again, i heard that alot of your houses have walls you can hit through with a fist. I rather take my good thick stone walls over that. No wodden houses here. Latest after accidently watching american horror movies where killers burst through walls ;). And yes im rambling. To tired and to late. Its Brussels time here ;)