Why Do Women Choose Reading & TV Over Sex?

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Is there anything wrong with having the kind of night where you'd rather curl up with a good book or DVD than your significant other?

The Daily Mail reports that one in 10 women in the UK would rather split up with their boyfriend or husband than give up watching TV. According to a survey by iVillage, 63% of married US women would rather read or watch a movie than have sex with their spouse.

Makes sense — especially when you read that 81% of married women describe their sex life as "predictable." You never know what's going to happen in that Alice Hoffman novel, or on Real Housewives. The question is: Does it mean that some women withdraw from intimate, interpersonal relationships — to zone out/daydream/indulge/escape into entertainment instead? Sure. But men into sports or video games might do the same. Just because "most" women (that is, of the ones polled) would choose a book (or blog?) over sex doesn't mean that said ladies aren't interested in sex. Could be that text in question is a steamy bodice-ripper. And you know? Self-improvement and bettering the brain? Very sexy.


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For me, it's more about the time of day. A little afternoon delight? Woo hoo! After 10 PM on a work night, the book wins.