Why Didn't They Just Make The Crown About Princess Margaret?

Netflix has dropped a trailer for Season 2 of The Crown, due out in December. And as the show’s events race toward the 1960s, it’s impossible to watch the trailer without thinking: Dammit, why didn’t they just make this show about Princess Margaret?


No offense to Queen Elizabeth II, but her whole philosophy of ruling has been “keep your private life private and say as little as possible,” and they’ve already bogged this show down in Prince Philip’s ego, anyway. Why not just ditch the crown itself and follow the jet-set princess with the fabulous clothes and the messy personal life? Or, for that matter, take all that money and plow it into a spectacle about the entire international jet-set scene. Rita Hayworth! Liz Taylor! Aristotle Onassis! Pan Am! Suntans! A bunch of incredibly wealthy people with enough drama to generate 17 seasons of premium television in a parade of incredible locales! Go figure.

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Cherith Cutestory

Hopefully she’ll be more fun this season but I hated Margaret last season. I couldn’t wait for her to be off my screen everytime she was on it. Her romance was boring and her entitlement without any sense of obligation to go with it was enraging.

And I hated that they changed history to make Elizabeth the bad guy in her love story. When in reality Elizabeth and Anthony Eden worked out a deal that she could marry and stay in the family, keep all the perks, and keep the title but she’d have to give up any claim to succession (which she was very unlikely to get to anyway since Elizabeth already had 2 kids.) Margaret chose not to go through with it.

I’d definitely watch this though:

“Rita Hayworth! Liz Taylor! Aristotle Onassis! Pan Am! Suntans!”