Why Did Kendall Jenner Color-Coordinate With a Coca-Cola Can?

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Screenshot: Kendall Jenner (Instagram)

Fashion watchdog Diet Prada has some questions for Kendall Jenner, former Pepsi advocate, over a recent Coca-Cola purchase: “Is this an ad?”


Their question stems from the suspiciously colored dress Kendall Jenner wore to purchase a single can of Coca-Cola. Which is understandable: The recently announced “Orange Vanilla” Coke is the exact shade of Jenner’s mini-dress, an altogether alarming coincidence, especially given the multi-colored hue of the dress (and the bizarre bodega order of a single Coke product).


But as an interrogator of gossip, my angle on the story is different: How on earth did this Instagram moment emerge? Why did paparazzi follow her into the bodega at all? How did they time the photographs to the exact moment she purchased the Coke? We already know that Kim hires a personal photographer to stage paparazzi photos, because she told us as much:

Were the photos above by a hired photographer, or random agency? A cursory search revealed little answers. So that leaves you do decide!

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Obvious ad aside, I think I might want to try some Orange Vanilla Coke. It probably tastes like battery acid, but it sounds like I might actually like it.

Coca-Cola, please pay me $150,000 for this sponcon.