Why Did It Take So Long for Tiffany & Co. to Serve Breakfast at Tiffany's?

Image via Paramount.
Image via Paramount.

When you think of Tiffany’s, you probably think “blue,” “diamonds,” and “breakfast,” in that order. The first two can definitely be found at their New York flagship store, and now so can the third thing. The only shocking aspect to that news is that it’s only happening now, in 2017.


Vanity Fair reports that Tiffany & Co. has finally copped to the unbelievably obvious tie-in they could make to the iconic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring the late beloved actress Audrey Hepburn. The Blue Box Café opens on Friday on the fourth floor of their location at 727 Fifth Avenue. So, it’s in Trump Tower. Enjoy.

The project was instigated by the company’s new artistic director, Reed Krakoff. Krakoff also spearheaded Tiffany’s new “Everyday Objects,” which include a $95 bone china cup that looks like it’s made of paper, but is far more fragile. Everything you could want in a cup, really. The café will be outfitted with products from the line, and there is so much robin’s egg blue in the decor you’ll feel like a chick in an expensive and highly breakable nest:

It’s entirely Tiffany blue. The chairs have blue slip covers, and the china plates—Krakoff originals—are dipped in blue glaze. The walls are painted Tiffany blue, unless it’s a wall made of amazonite (nature’s Tiffany blue). There’s a small cake one can order on special occasions, or just because, for $36; it’s a Tiffany box with glossy blue icing and a big, white confectionary bow. Instead of art on the walls, there are Tiffany windows inset in miniature. Some include an array of actual Tiffany boxes adorned now with chrome figurines and diamonds or pieces of the homeware.

A coffee and croissant costs $29, but confusingly comes with a choice of “avocado toast, truffled eggs, or a smoked salmon bagel with schmear.” Two breakfasts? At Tiffany’s? It better be good; that’s almost as much as Holly Golightly got for “the powder room.”

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This makes me wish Rich and Caity would get together for another “The Best Restaurant in NY”