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Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting

Illustration for article titled Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting

Why is it that practically every female superhero has her knockers hanging out of her super hero suit? It's not like there's ever been a male super hero with his frank-n-beans hanging out (with the exception of Howard Stern's Fartman, of course). This is exactly why we were so interested in this comic by Aaron Diaz, which points out how it's not only kind of insulting to always have a female superhero's breasts front and center, it's simply impractical from a superhero standpoint.


Illustration for article titled Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting

I mean, how can we expect Wonder Woman to fly while she's wearing a strapless bathing suit with a big, metal "W" on it? Seriously now.

If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman

Cartoon by Aaron Diaz. Check out his comic Dresden Codak, more of his work at Indistinguishable from Magic, and follow him on twitter @dresdencodak.


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Just this afternoon, my three-year-old daughter was telling me about how a boy at her day care told her all about Batman, and she wanted to know if girls could like Batman too. I assured her that they could, and said, "There are even girl superheroes! Like Wonder Woman!" That was the first name that came to mind. She asked me to find Wonder Woman on the Internet, so I looked up a picture for her. Her response? "Why is that lady all naked? Is she in her bathing suit? I think she must be going swimming. She looks cold!"

So now I need better women superheroes, because, seriously, that made me want to cry.