Image: Getty

Kim Zolciak and Kim Kardashian appear to have posted Photoshopped photos of their kids on Instagram, as noted by the popular celebrity Instagram account @celebface.

The kid photos on both of their accounts feature smoothed down profiles, sculpted stomachs, enlarged butts, and shrunken heads. Here are the altered (left) and original (right) side-by-sides of Zolciak’s 4-year-old daughter, Kaia, and Kardashian’s daughter, 5-year-old North, via @celebface.


Gif sets posted by @celebface make the manipulations far more apparent. I can’t embed them in this post, as the account is private, but you can request to follow @celebface to see them for yourself.

This isn’t the first time either Kim has posted apparent Photoshopped pics of their kids online. In October, Zolciak posted a photo of Kaia and brother Kane, seemingly edited to slim down the twin 4-year-olds’ already small frames, while Kardashian appeared to have made infant daughter Chicago’s head smaller before posting her pic.


It’s unclear if the two women are editing the photos themselves, or if the photos were tweaked by someone who works for them. A source close to Kim Kardashian told Daily Mail that she found the pic, pre-altered, on a fan site and reposted it on her Instagram without realizing it was manipulated. Either way, editing a photo of a child the same way you would a photo of that child’s famous mother is bad for reasons I hope are self-evident, so please stop.