Who's To Blame For Christine O'Donnell And Sarah Palin?

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Feminists. That's essentially Jessica Valenti's provocative thesis: mainstream feminism insistence on electing women, not woman-friendly platforms, and intergenerational strife helped the "Mama Grizzlies" of today co-opt feminism. But, she argues, it's not too late to set the record straight.


Valkyrie607 of the lady-ghetto

Oh pshaw. The Republicans have ALWAYS had trouble with the concept of affirmative action. This is because it's politically convenient for them to do so. They've always maintained that affirmative action will lead to under-qualified people getting hired for positions they shouldn't have. Then they set out to force their distortion of reality onto reality itself by completely ignoring qualifications whenever they feel they need a minority figure to broaden their appeal slightly. Palin is a perfect example of that. Michael Steele is another.

This is a Republican thing, not a feminism thing.