Whoopi Goldberg Is Back With Her Nice, Silly Holiday Sweaters

Images via Zappos
Images via Zappos

‘Tis the season for wearing brutally fugly sweaters intended to make you appear funny, charming, and filled with excessive holiday spirit.

There’s lots out there to choose from—I’ll personally be wearing out my 2 Chainz dabbing black Santa sweatshirt. But should you desire a cozy sweater with a funny lil “quote” or kitschy drawing, Whoopi Goldberg is releasing a line of holiday sweaters, for a second year, with designs that are almost as wacky as her views on The View.

There’s a sweater with an endearing little gingerbread man who passes gas, one with an infant Santa, and an Octopus menorah design, for example.


“Well, doing it once is a knock-off—when you do it a second time, you are starting a tradition, which is the inspiration behind creating the collection,” Whoopi told People. “I learned that people love holiday sweaters even when they say they don’t. And they love them even more when they are funny.”

Yes, Whoopi has stumbled onto something. It is probably true that people like to laugh. These look like the type of sweaters that will ease a delightful chuckle out of your grandparents just before they ask you why you’re not married yet, dear.

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Cody Latrans

I’ve had a hard time with Whoopi Goldberg since she came forward as such a staunch defender of Bill Cosby.