Chelsea Handler Thinks Melania Trump Should Divorce Him and Spill the Tea

Chelsea Handler seems to be one the favorite guests of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on The View Monday, as the ladies discuss Handler’s vocal dislike of Donald Trump and her hope that Melania soon drops him.


Handler is promoting Chelsea on Netflix, calling it a “global talk show,” meaning she’s been flying all over the world to chat with people and, often, expose a heretofore unexamined ignorance. Since Donald Trump took the highest office in the land, Handler said she’s found her own limited understand of politics embarrassing, and that she’s learned “so much about politics in the last year. It’s been so important and fun for me to get involved and get informed.”

It certainly seems like Handler is up to date on Trump’s current schedule, at least, saying she hopes he never returns from his big boy trip. But, she said, there’s always enough room for Melania.

“I have a fantasy,” said Handler. “I want Melania to finally come out, divorce him. She would be an American hero. We would embrace her if she just said, ‘Listen, this guy’d disgusting and I know all his dirty secrets and I’m willing to tell everybody.’”

Handler also wondered about the set-up on Air Force one, which has only one bed. “Where is Melania sleeping and where is Donald Trump sleeping?” she asked. It’s impossible to imagine Trump giving up his bed for his wife’s comfort. It’s also impossible to imagine Melania is comfortable in a small contained space, like an airplane, with her husband.

Since there were only four people at the table, Whoopi and Joy were free to let their feelings about Trump fly, and at one point Whoopi said that the last 100 plus days have been like a “horror sci-fi movie” with a monster jumping out at you from every corner “making your panties wet.” Then some of what she says is bleeped out. This is the most I have related to The View in a long time.

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Gestapo Librarian

Prenup with a non-disclosure agreement.

I’m tired of all the sympathy for Melania. “Oh, poor Melania, trapped in a marriage to a sentient piece of jet puffed corn. What a shame!”

Fuck her.

She’s the 3rd wife.

3rd wife...

She knew exactly what she was getting herself into.