Who Wore It Best?

Images via Splash News.

In the few short hours before heavy car and foot traffic turns it into dirt-covered sludge piles, undisturbed snow makes things look their most beautiful. Even humans! Just look at Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra, Lion’s Dev Patel, and the nearest spray tan machine’s Will Arnett, all of whom braved Thursday’s winter storm to pump up their looks with the morning’s must-have accessory: falling snow!

But even though they’re totally rocking the snow as only the most fashionable A-listers can, only one of them can go down as having worn it best.

Images via Splash.

So which of these snowflakes is going to take the honor—Chopra, who paired the white stuff with an stylish all-black ensemble, Patel, who trudged through the storm in lumberjack chic, or Arnett, who paired a classic wool coat/scarf combo with the warmest-looking pair of boots these eyes have ever seen!

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