Who Will Be Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person?

Barbara Walters has revealed some of the names on her 2012 Ten Most Fascinating People list. As is the usual, these folks are not necessarily technically fascinating — just zeitgeisty, popular, noteworthy, current. This year, that includes Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas; the tiny British tea cakes of One Direction; Oscar host and writer Seth MacFarlane; Ben Affleck and Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James. Also featured will be some serious heavy hitters: Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Three names on the list have not yet been announced, and you've got to wonder: Who will be 2012's most fascinating? Barbara Walters is not just the lady from the screech-fest known as The View, but a respected journalist; even if you think she's become irrelevant, the fact remains that she's seen as authoritative to most Americans, and if she says it, it must be true. Last year's "most fascinating" was Steve Jobs; according to ABC:

Past choices have included J.K. Rowling, Nancy Pelosi, Camilla Park Bowles, Paris Hilton, Laura Bush, Gen. Tommy Franks, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and more.


We can be pretty sure it's not Lindsay Lohan… After all, LL cancelled a 20/20 interview with Babs at the last minute. And Nicki Minaj is in some kind of feud with Babs.

But Taylor Swift? She might be in the top 3. After all, her new album has sold almost three MILLION copies in three weeks — very rare these days.

Other folks who seem possible: Anderson Cooper. David Petraeus. Justin Bieber. Any other suggestions?

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